ART > mainly in sinuosities, Edinburgh Art Festival, 2022

Mainly in Sinuosities is part of Channels, the Associate Artist Programme curated by Emmie McLuskey, an element of Edinburgh Art Festival 2022

'Taking in performance, print work, archival research, and audio, Channels allows this year’s attendees to garner a better understanding of the history and future of the Union Canal – which here functions as a representation of Edinburgh’s complex relationship with capitalism, community, and the natural world.'
Emmie McLuskey

The title Mainly in sinuosities comes from a description of the canal found in F.H. Groome's 19th century Gazetteer of Scotland: 'It runs a total distance of only 25 miles measured in a direct line; and it expends the additional 6½ miles of its actual length mainly in sinuosities, designed to maintain the dead level and to avoid the costs and delays of lockage.'

My contribution consists of a series of five plaques, positioned along the canal at various points between Lochrin Basin and Westerhailes, and a printed map with an essay in 31½ parts, which will be available at Edinburgh Printmakers, Edinburgh Art Festival Information Booth at the French Institute, and EAF walking and canal boat events. Festival Info. Assistants will also have them on their walks along the canal...