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When one looks at a map of the UK, one finds few places called "Home" yet when one looks at the English speaking world - places where people from the UK have emigrated too, or colonised, one begins to see a proliferation of places called 'Home', 'New Home', 'Mountain Home' 'Sweet Home.' Settling is an installation piece consisting of video, map and will installation and digital prints, the piece reflecting on these places on the US, asking how we come to settle, and what do we settle for? Where are these places called "Home" and what do they mean. Though we often don’t think about it, any kind of settling can imply some kind of displacement and we cannot presume a natural right to ‘be’ anyplace. Together with the companion noble Living series, and the Round Trip etchings, they question, how do we claim a place? What turns space into place, and how does this naming effect our response to it and our ownership or relationship to it? And how settled can we ever be?